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Animation Explores the Beautiful Circles of Our World | Short Film Showcase

Travel from underwater to outer space in this incredible animation from production company Chromosphere. Watch forms found in the natural and scientific ... source

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Relativity Ramen | 10 Days of Genius | National Geographic

We've all been there: starving, nothing in the fridge. All you can find is some instant ramen. While you wait for the microwave to...

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This is What Your Dog Does When You're Angry | National Geographic

Dogs don't just lick their mouths when they want to be fed, they also use them in a surprising way—when they see an angry...

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Marsai Martin Reads Anthony Anderson's Mind | Brain Games

With the help of Lior Suchard Marsai Martin reads Anthony Anderson's mind. ➡ Subscribe: ➡ Get More Brain Games: ... source

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Ichthyosaurs 101 | National Geographic

Meaning "fish lizard" in Greek, the aptly-named ichthyosaur once dominated the world's oceans for millions of years. Learn about these prehistoric marine ... source

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